cloud titled, “3 seconds a day, a new way to think about your reading” floating on a bookshelf, words flashing on the screen
Books photographed by Alfons Morales:

The 3 Second a Day Fix

Untraditional mottos, wasted self-improvement books, and smiling strangers…

An open journal with the quote “she lives as though all her dreams will come true” on one side and lined paper on the other
the journal

The Pattern

Like the Pomodoro time management technique, I mentioned in a previous article, both of these books don’t command too much of your attention right away. They break up reading (or writing) in manageable chunks you can digest more, or less, of whenever you want. Very different from a number of self-improvement texts or motivational biographies that use stories, spanning pages and pages, as conduits to get their point across or capture reader’s attention.

The 3 Second Effect

Each page of these “short form,” almost pocket companion books provide the equivalent comfort of a kind smile from a stranger or commiserating look from a friend in the moment of a particularly hard time. Their expressions take under 3 seconds to read and process, just like the text in these books, but still leave such a big, comforting impact in your heart.



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