3 Tools To Instantly Improve Your Presentations

Graphics, Graphics, Graphics

Tool #1: Removebg.com

Quickly change the background of your image to any of remove.bg’s pre-selected images. If you prefer a solid color or to simply blur the original background that too can be done in the editing window.


Use a logo from your title slide in the rest of your presentation to instantly tie the whole thing together.

Pick a color, ANY color!

Tool #2: Digital Color Meter

Let’s Try It!

Search color picker in Google and enter in your RGB value to see its corresponding color codes in different formats (HEX, CMYK, etc.)
If working with a team create a custom color theme everyone can reference

“Bookmark” Your Presentation

  • Keeping your audience engaged
  • Provide helpful breaks, to remind you where you are in the presentation and the audience where you are going
  • Guide a group you’re presenting with through speaking transitions
  • Make a presentation look more professional / well thought out

Tool#3: Trackers

As you move through each part of the presentation, change each topic shape to a contrasting color. This allows your audience to easily distinguish what part of the presentation you are presenting.

That’s a Wrap!



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